“To all those busy women out there who spend valuable time each day applying eyeliner to both eyes, to those who can never quite get it symmetrical, to those who observe smudging, distortions, and even disappearance of the make-up you thought would last the day, I have news for you, go to Gloria!

Had I only sought out the solution of permanent eyeliner earlier, I would have saved myself hours (over the years) of futile time in front of a mirror, doing and redoing eyeliner applications which invariably failed. I was so fortunate to find Gloria, and I am extremely pleased with the results of my permanent eyeliner.

Bliss is waking up in the morning and I’m ready! Ready to confront the world with perfectly symmetrical eyeliner that stays on regardless of heat, humidity, rain or other make-up-destroying conditions or events. It is with utmost sincerity that I recommend Gloria to you for her knowledgeable and professional ability. Your face is in excellent hands! Merci encore Gloria, et å bientôt chère amie!”


“Thank you for doing a great job. My eyebrows are absolutely beautiful. I have already started getting compliments on how natural they look!”

–Patty T.

“EVERYONE LOVES MY EYEBROWS!!! So much stress has lifted! Like I said, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY EYEBROWS!!! Gloria, you are wonderful!!! God Bless!!!”

–Dee B‎.

“I am so pleased with my new eyebrows! The color and shape are just what I had hoped for. I have a real arch for the first time! I have had my brows done before, but not by Gloria. Gloria’s work is by far the best, she is a perfectionist. Her work shows her artistry. My husband even commented how great my eyebrows look this time.”

–Joyce T.

“I recently met with Gloria to discuss tattooing my brows. I’ve been toying with the idea for about a year, and after finally meeting with her and spending about an hour and a half discussing it and drawing all over my face, I’m so excited to have them done next month. Meeting with her in person was what made me decide to go through with this. Gloria is an incredibly artistic personality and immediately was able to identify what I wanted. My brows have a generally good shape but one is slightly lower and they’re a bit thin towards the end. As a former medical esthetician, I have a better understanding of skin care and esthetics than most, and Gloria is by far the most detailed oriented make up tattoo artist I’ve encountered. I feel completely at ease with her and love the idea that it’s such a collaboration of her professional knowledge and my wants and desires. I cannot wait to see the final product!”


“Of all the features on my body, the one thing I really did not like was my eyebrows. Gloria fixed this for me. I went into the consultation with the low expectations of just darkening my eyebrows. I came out of there with a beautiful set of eyebrows I didn’t think I could have. They look real because it’s done with small strokes that blend in with my own eyebrow hair. I love my new set of slightly arched eyebrows. I cannot stop raving about the great job Gloria did on my brows! Thanks Gloria!”


“Hi, my name is Frank, and I would like to recommend “Permanent Make-up of Maryland, Gloria Brennan”. I am 67 years young, and an active ballroom dancer and performer. I need to look as good as I feel. At this time of my life I find my hair is thinning, and my eyebrows and mustache also needed some coloring. I went to a tattoo parlor and they recommended  that I go to a permanent make-up artist. After researching on the web, I came across Gloria Brennan.

After 3 treatments, I am extremely happy with my results. I wanted Gloria to add permanent shading to my bald spots so it looked like I had hair. Filling these spaces with the right tones, adding hair strokes for the missing brow and mustache hairs, and adding shading to the thinning hair on my scalp has given me extra confidence.  I can dance and perspire knowing I look good.

My wife and I travel, and it feels so good to know I don’t have to worry about my missing hair situation any longer. I know this is a work in progress, but Gloria has the skills required. She has exceeded my expectations. I know this is a fairly new field of self-improvement especially for men, but please consider Gloria Brennan if you would like to look as good as you feel!”

–Frank P.

“I just want to thank Gloria Brennan for my beautiful brows. She took the time to make my brows perfect and exactly what I was hoping for. I’m spending much less time getting ready in the morning and don’t have to worry during the day that my brows are rubbing off! I really enjoyed talking with Gloria. I’m sure I’ll go back to her in the future for a little touch-up. Thanks Gloria!”

–Leslie O.

“It’s been over a year since you did my brows. They are still perfect. The best part is no one knows that they are feathered in. OMG, my mother lives in New York, had hers done and HATES THEM!!!!! She was wondering if you can fix her Sharpie look. Did I mention how much I love mine? My self confidence is through the roof. The best decision I made was to choose you, Gloria. I will be 40 soon, and no one believes me. My brows took years off my looks!!! Thank you so much…muchas gracias!!!!”

–Annittia P.

“I cannot tell you enough how beautiful my brows look!!! They are perfect and outstanding. They compliment my face and make it so easy to be ‘made up’ and out of the house. Literally, all I need is lipstick. They are both natural and dramatic…just wonderful. You are a genius, Gloria!!!”

–Joanna R.

“Dear Gloria, I just visited you for an eyebrow touchup (my last touchup lasted years!) and wanted you to know how pleased I am with the process and the results. Let me mention some of those things I am so pleased with.

  • I love the Timonium location…lots of parking…very attractive offices and pleasant staff.
  • When you work on me, it is a collaborative process where my input is considered and quickly adopted.
  • Your newer manual technique of hand applying the ink without using the electric applicator appears to give you even more control in placement of the brow strokes.
  • I so like the look of individual strokes (hairs) because they look natural.
  • As my hair is streaked, your custom blending color for me makes all the difference.
  • Having the option of seeing you for a followup appointment in four to six weeks at no charge in case I need a bit of touching up.
  • And, best of all, getting up in the morning putting on lipstick and being ready to go.

So many women likely agree with me that eyebrows and lipstick are the basics necessary to be out-the-door. Now I have to plan with you to get my lips done!  Thanks for all you do to make me feel great.”

–Joann L.

“My eyebrows look incredible and I’m constantly getting compliments on them! Not only do they make my face look fantastic, but having this done has also shaved off at least 10 minutes of my morning make-up routine of plucking and drawing them on just right. I had been debating for about two years weather or not to get permanent eyebrows done and I’m so glad I finally did it! I have been so embarrassed by my lack of eyebrows for such a long time that this procedure has been a God send to me.

Mine were painfully thin from many years of waxing, bleaching, over plucking and a scar from a head injury where the hair just wouldn’t grow back. Always having to be mindful that if I accidentally rubbed them or they got wet my make-up would come off and I would have no eyebrows. Now no matter what I do exercise, shower or sleep they always look full, natural and PERFECT! Not only did she do my eyebrows, but also got me an appointment to get my hair done the same day.

If you have been wanting to do permanent make-up DO IT, it will change your life and you won’t regret it. I highly recommend this wonderful, unique and very talented lady. She really takes her time to get the best look for you. I just LOVE Gloria she is a real life Angel!”

–Michelle D.

“Gloria, I met you more than 10 years ago in Pikesville. I had my eyebrows done prior to my wedding. My husband and I lived in Pikesville and were getting married in Puerto Rico. Maybe you don’t remember us, but I definitely remember you. The eyebrows were the best I’ve ever had and I have been searching for someone that can do as good a job to no avail. Anyways, I was so excited to have found you again through Facebook. I am interested in getting my eyebrows re-done. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon. P.S. still married and now with 3 kids :-)”

–Nilsa L.

“Hi Gloria, it was so nice seeing you for my follow up. As you may have noticed, I’m a whole new person. I couldn’t shut up! Sorry you missed your dinner date. I just wanted to tell you how much my confidence has lifted, I’m so much more optimistic, and all thanks to you!!! I’m so outgoing now, I became a diva overnight. You’re a blessing and a ray of sunshine added to my life!”

–Annittia P.

“Gloria, I can’t thank you enough for my beautiful new eyebrows. There aren’t enough words in any language to express my gratitude to you for giving me my face, my time, my confidence, and my life back. I wasted 16 years of my life fumbling with makeup pencils to cover up my non-existent eyebrows (which were the result of an unfortunate fire-related accident). I spent all those years feeling so ugly and horrible about myself, wishing I was anyone else but me.

But you changed everything! When I got home from my recent appointment with you, I stood in front of the mirror for a good 20 minutes with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. For the first time in 16 years, I saw a beautiful face looking back at me. I finally felt like a regular human being. I looked just like everybody else.

My quality of life has improved beyond measure. Now when I look in the mirror, I finally see the face I always wished I would see. I no longer run from my reflection or avoid having my picture taken. Now I don’t need to check my eyebrows every 5 seconds or avoid activities that would mess up the makeup I no longer need to wear. I have everything to smile about these days, and I owe it all to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over!”

–Jenny W.

“Hi Gloria, I’m Jenny’s boyfriend and saw her for the first time this evening when I came home from work. What you do is life changing for people, really! I was absolutely amazed at the beautiful job you did for Jenny today. This has completely changed her life. She has spent 1 hour everyday for the last sixteen years perfecting her looks for a total of 5,840 hours of doing so. Welcome to Jenny 2.0!

In all seriousness though, you are an extremely talented professional and you should feel good that you change peoples lives for the better everyday. Thank you for making this difficult decision easy for Jenny. She can’t stop smiling!”

–Arnie L.

“I must say having my eyebrows done by Gloria was one of the best decisions I ever made. Gloria took her time, listened, made sure of what I wanted, and did an incredible job. I look 10 years younger and am only 38. The compliments I get are worth every penny spent. Thank you sooooooo much, Gloria!”

–Annittia P.

“I got my first tattoo at 30. Small and discreet, it created a desire. I proceeded to get 4 more; bigger, bolder but always somewhere I could cover up. I kept hearing about permanent makeup and, while I was definitely excited about it, was still concerned about getting tattooed on my face. Permanent eyeliner sounded wonderful but the thought of the ink and needles so close to my eyes kept me from doing it for years. Then my 70 year old mom, who never had a tattoo in her life, did it! Well that was all it took.

I started researching aestheticians and cosmetologists online and trying to get referrals. I found Gloria Brennan’s website and was hooked. Not only was she highly experienced, but the testimonials were so positive, and when I saw the video of her in action, I was sold! I figured, ‘if this woman is good enough work on camera with the all those people watching, she is qualified to get near my eyes.’

We met and she spent an hour talking with me, getting to know the real me, and experimenting with color and makeup to achieve the best results. Gloria was patient and very informative, telling me what she was doing next, and listening when I had concerns or had to blink. The process was not painful, and did not take very long. I had my mind set on black or dark charcoal eyeliner, but she was convinced that a blue tint would emphasize my eyes. I was hesitant (1980s flashbacks came to mind) but I deferred to ‘the professional’ and am thrilled to say she hit the color dead on! My eyes POP! The slate-blue/sultry-smoke/blue-carbon color is FABULOUS and really brings out my eye color like black NEVER did. I could not be happier with the results.

The follow up appointment to do any touch up was just as rewarding, and I can’t thank her enough for the attention and care she gave me. Gloria Brennan is truly talented and professional. Not only does Gloria have talent, but she also has heart and will make you feel beautiful, inside and out.”

–Heidi M.

“With the help of a litany of lotions, potions, creams, compounds, sunscreen, and hair color, I managed to keep my aging skin and grey hair from giving away my true age for quite a few years. I also eat healthy, and exercise, however, I couldn’t help but notice that I was spending more and more time at the Macy’s make-up counter. Among other things, my skin was losing its tightness, my eyebrows were falling out, and my lips were no longer pink and vibrant. Time had finally caught up with me, and I didn’t like it one little bit. One of the technicians at my spa told me I should consider permanent make-up. That has turned out to be the best advice I have gotten in years.

Thanks to that advice, I found Gloria Brennan, and I couldn’t be happier. She is a true artist, and a perfectionist. I am looking forward to Gloria slowing down those hands of time, even if just a little. To date, Gloria has done my eyebrows and lip liner. I have already saved countless hours of painting on my eyebrows, only to find out that they are not even, and having to start over. I no longer carry a tube of lip liner with me 24/7. Gloria has suggested several other procedures that she thinks will work well for me, and I already have an appointment to get started on them. See you on Saturday, Gloria!”

–Gail P.

“I used to draw my eyebrows on everyday, and was a little leary about having them tattooed on until I saw my niece’s brows. Gloria did such an awesome job, I just had to get mine done, too. When I met Gloria, she welcomed me into her Studio as if we had been friends forever. She worked her expertise on me with showing me pictures and measuring my features several times until she knew that she had the perfect measurements for my bone structure. When finished, I knew I had made the perfect choice by selecting Gloria Brennan to be my artist to do my brows. I thank you Gloria for my wonderful new look. I feel twenty years younger and I have had the best time experimenting with different eyeshadows. I now have an extra 2 hours and 10 minutes each week to do anything I want. Yayyyy! Thank you again for a great experience!”

–Kay S.

“I went to Gloria Brennan to get my eyebrows and top liner done. I was a little nervous about getting them tattooed on but I had such an amazing time with her, and she did an excellent job. She made my eyebrows look so natural, and her talent as an artist is truly evident. My mother and sisters compliment me all the time on her work, and her wonderful personality made the visit so enjoyable! I look forward to getting more work done with Gloria and seeing her again at my follow-up! Definitely, without a doubt, I recommend Gloria Brennan!”

–Rachel M.

“I came to Gloria after doing some research. I liked her work showing on her web site. I had no definition without makeup. She has done my eyebrows and upper and lower eyeliner. I REALLY love it. I now have definition without having to worry about my eyebrows being rubbed off, and I don’t have to worry about my eyeliner being in the crease of my eye instead of on the eye lid. Now I have an appointment to get my lips done. She has a lot of patience. GLORIA, THANK YOU!”

–Debbie H.

“Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me last weekend creating the perfect brow. Each day as they fade a little they just get better and better. So once again, thank you, Gloria for my “perfect movie star brows.” I just love them.”

–Nancy P.

“Great makeup whether temporary or permanent is a boost of confidence for anyone.” –B.J. Banjo

“Gloria Brennan is a dynamic and charismatic woman who is truly an artist and master of her craft. I am so pleased with my permanent eyeliner. I have gained confidence. I feel as though I look more awake and refreshed in the morning without having to apply any liner to my upper lids. Gloria made me feel safe and relaxed the whole time. I am so pleased with my liner I will be going back to Ms. Brennan to get my eyebrows done as well! Thank you again, Gloria!”

–B.J. Banjo

“Gloria, you are numero 1!!!”


“For nearly seven years, I have relied on Gloria Brennan to deliver the utmost care and precision, whether I am having permanent makeup, scar camouflage, makeup application or purchasing products. Gloria is an artist with skills and experience that are very hard to find. I would recommend scheduling a consultation with Gloria and let her change your life, as she did mine. Thank you Gloria.”

–Karen from Owings Mills, MD

“I was dealing with a thin eyebrow and the other was half an eyebrow. I have been using eyebrow pencils for a long time and every summer it was the same thing, worrying if my eyebrows would melt off or be brushed off. I often thought about getting my brows tattooed but did not want that tattooed look. I’ve seen women with tattooed brows and they looked tattooed. I heard of a feathered brow tattoo and did a search online for permanent feathered eyebrows and Gloria’s name came up. I made an appointment and we talked about what I wanted done which was the most natural looking brow I could get.

Gloria took it from there and did an outstanding job for me. Several weeks after my procedure, I had a big family party and no one noticed my brows, (that’s how natural they looked)  I had to tell the family. My sister-in-law couldn’t believe it. They’re great!!

I would recommend Gloria (and I have) to anyone who wants beautiful natural looking brows.”

–Carol R.

“Eleven years ago, one day before my wedding, I had the most horrifying life-changing experience, the loss of my eyebrows. This was due to a salon using wax that was too hot to shape my brows. It was truly the most devastating and horrifying personal experience. For the past 11 years I have not wanted to be in the hot sun, the pool, or water parks with my children. Wearing sunglasses smudged my drawn on brows. I couldn’t wrestle with my kids, and it even changed my sex life with my husband. No one really knows how important eyebrows are until they lose them. It frames your face, and without them you look so abnormal–it makes you feel incomplete every day.

As the years went on I heard about permanent make-up and knew that it was time to look into it. I came across Gloria Brennan’s website. Everything I read and saw–I knew I had to call. It was time for me to take my life back. The first time I met Gloria was for a consultation, I was so nervous. Was I making another mistake that would make my daily personal pain even worse? No, it didn’t! I met the most amazing permanent eyebrow esthetician who worked with me in great detail to hear my concerns, likes, and offered so many suggestions to what she saw. The experience from beginning to end was nothing but professional, and the work of someone with great talent in this industry. All I can say is that I look absolutely beautiful again. My husband says that I look just the way I did 11 years ago. Gloria Brennan has given me back my life in even more ways, I really didn’t know I was missing. A true Artist,  a true Professional, and a true Leader in the permanent make-up industry.

I am forever grateful to Gloria, and will be referring everyone I know who could use the same life changing experience.”

–Shellie Anne

“Gloria, it’s been 2 years, and my permanent eye liner still looks wonderful. I never need make up, and the royal blue color really brings out my eyes. You’re the best!”


“I wanted to let you know that my eyebrows turned out beautifully. Thank you and I’ll be in touch soon so that we can ‘party’!”


“Gloria is just the best at permanent makeup. I know many women who have wonderful results and are happy with the services she provided. Highly recommended!!!”


“It’s been 6 weeks since I had permanent eyeliner and I am thrilled with the results! What a huge time saver in the morning and NO worries about smudges or smearing during the day or night! I’m SO GLAD I did this!! Thank you Gloria!”


“I had no eyebrows and was so tired of penciling them in everyday. One would be higher then the other and I spent so much wasted time on them until I heard about Gloria Brennan. She gave me my eyebrows back! They are beautiful! My make-up doesn’t take me as long anymore because I don’t have to put on eyebrows! Now they are permanently there! I thank Gloria so much for this. She does a beautiful job. I highly recommend her. Thank you Gloria!”


“My brows look great. I am going in the hospital this week and now I don’t have to worry about looking funny with no brows. Thanks!”


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