A Longer Eyebrow

permanent eyebrowA longer eyebrow works well when you have wide temples that you want to minimize. If your face is narrow it may not work because it would give the eyebrow too much power.

Permanent eyebrows can serve you in several ways.

  • One is obvious, you wake up and there they are…what a time saver.
  • Two, when your own brows are out of balance, this artistic procedure creates the illusion of balance and symmetry.
  • Three, it can correct some facial features such as wider than usual temples, a longer chin can appear shorter, a broad nose bridge can appear narrow.

This happens because the attention is drawn to the well constructed eyebrow….giving the person talking with you more than meets the eye.

By the way, your body frame should be taken into account when choosing your permanent eyebrows. If you want to take attention away from too broad a shoulder, then calling attention to a power eyebrow will do that, regardless of height.


  1. Hi Gloria

    It’s been over a year since you did my brows. They are still perfect. The best part is no one knows that they are feathered in. OMG, my mother lives in New York, had hers done and HATES THEM!!!!! She was wondering if you can fix her Sharpie look. Did I mention how much I love mine? My self confidence is through the roof. The best decision I made was to choose you, Gloria. I will be 40 soon and no one believes me. My brows took years off my looks!!! Thank you so much…muchas gracias!!!!

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