Natural Permanent Eyeliner

Before I begin applying permanent eyeliner, I evaluate hair, skin and eye color. My client is of neutral coloring with low contrast. She wanted a very natural look and that's what she got. I was happy my client didn't swell much. Some swelling is normal afterwards. She will apply a very cold compress for five seconds and then lift off so it normalizes temperature. Because I used the thinnest needles, the pigment is applied just under the skin so you don't want to over ice the area. In … [Read more...]

Swelling Can Happen with Permanent Make-up

Swelling can happen if you have sensitive skin, or are taking medicines that irritate the skin including aspirin and antibiotics. With proper post procedure care the inflammation can go away in a couple of hours. The application of an antibiotic like Bacitracin is recommended for the next 3 days applying a light layer twice a day and before bed. Cold compresses work quickly to bring swelling down. This should be done right after procedure and to be repeated two hours later. … [Read more...]

After Care for Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows

With summer and hot long days coming up or perhaps in your area, your days are always hot, permanent eyebrows are the way to have a carefree summer and life. Use Bacitracin ointment 3 times a day for five days. Wash area on third day with a mild water soluble cleanser, and follow with a rinse of distilled or tap water that has been treated to remove chlorine and other additives that can alter color. Then re-apply Bacitracin, Vaseline, or a Vitamin E stick to protect color and moisturize … [Read more...]

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