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Great news! I now have a photo gallery on my website to showcase my work!

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  1. How long do results last for the eyebrows? Eyeliner? Lashes? How frequent are touch-ups necessary? Is the eyeliner done with needles? Tattoos? What’s the pain level?

  2. Gloria Brennan says

    Permanent eyebrows’ lasting effects vary. The variables include skin type, lifestyle, medications, and type of procedure provided. Thin hair strokes which look the most natural require a follow up visit to ensure pigment lasts. Eyebrows will fade and will require a touch up to keep them looking good every two or three years. I always see my clients for a follow up four to six weeks later. Needle diameter also affect the lasting effects.

    Eyeliner can last five years and more especially when using concentrated pigments and coming back to your four to six week follow up. Color pigments add beauty and enhance the color of your eyes while making your eyes look bigger.

    Lash extensions can last six weeks but should be checked every two weeks for adjustments and lash add-ones if needed. They should stay on until your own lash is replaced by a new one.

    Touch-ups vary. Permanent make up will fade over time. Every two years, and again it depends on your lifestyle.

    The liners are done with sterilized needles and there is little discomfort since a lidocaine numbing cream is applied prior to procedure. A tattoo machine delivers the right pulse to insert pigment right below your skin. The practitioner should show you the liner effect so you can see the results before the tattooing begins.

    The pain level is low in most cases. The skin is prepared to absorb the numbing cream and a transparent plastic over cream helps to speed up the numbing. If you do feel a little sting, it will be worth it after you see the results ….so maybe a little pain, but so much gain.

    Always research for a qualified person with artistic background in make-up. Check their work and get a consultation before you get the real deal. Ask a lot of questions and take photos of the trial consult.

    Best regards,
    Gloria Brennan

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