Positive Approach to Three Medical Conditions

Medical TattoosThe physical symptoms of some conditions are not comfortable to accept. When these are manifested around your face, the emotional trauma can lead to a diminished self confidence. It can also interfere with social and professional goals. Exploring and researching your options can lead to choices that will dramatically lift you in a positive direction.


Alopecia affects men and women of all ages.  The hair loss of eyebrows and eyelashes can be replaced with eyebrow hair strokes that are tattooed to look like natural hair.  A good time to look into this option is soon after the diagnosis is made so the hair can be placed while you are in the process of losing your own.   This will lessen the effect of the disappointment.  Eyebrow hairs can be straight, curved, curly, with some long and others short.    Tattooing or micro-pigmentation, can mimick your own hairs while they are still there.  For eyelash loss, a technique for enhancing the eyes  by  creating a thin eyelash base in a dotted fashion, can help the eyes look better.


The depigmentation of skin cells making the skin void of color is especially obvious on the face. It can present itself around the eyes, below the lips and on the neck. The patches of discoloration can be filled with careful implantation of matched skin tone for a long term solution. All skin tones can be matched by using a mix of pigments to a very satisfactory result. The process employs a “shading” technique. There may be slight swelling and redness and sun must be avoided.  The resulting blend will emerge in three weeks revealing the  improved color match.


The lack of moisture can be painful, causing stinging and burning. For women wearing eyeliner or eyeshadow is an impossible task. Since make-up is an important part of beautifying the eyes,  a feeling of  “something is missing” becomes an acceptable way of life. Even if eyeliner is worn for a special event, there comes that unexpected moment where it becomes smudged or smeared as a dry eye symptom comes into play. Outlining the eyes in a more permanent and natural manner will increase the confidence and outlook on life. When you look good, you feel good. That energy of positiveness is then transferred to those around you.

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