New Photo Gallery

Great news! I now have a photo gallery on my website to showcase my work! Check it out HERE or click on the Gallery tab. This is just the beginning. I'll continue to add to it as I go. Like my Facebook page if you like my new gallery!     … [Read more...]

February Special – Sexy Lips

SEXY LIPS DEFY AGE! Try my February Special and beautify your lips: Lip Definition, Lip Enhancement, Faded Lip Boost, Uneven Lips Corrected, Lip Scar Blending, Lip Wrinkles. $100+ off! Starting at $275.00 during the month of February. Bring a friend, and you both can save an additional $25. You don't have to come together for the procedure, just acknowledge each other's name and appointment. For bold full lip color, there will be an extra charge. Valid through February 28, … [Read more...]

Holiday Specials in December

Permanent Make-up is the perfect gift for the Holidays! Most of us know someone who will benefit and the rewards are transformational! Give yourself this gift, or perhaps your mom or even your dad! Think of the time you will save! Holiday Specials: Permanent Eyebrows — $375 Permanent Eyeliner  — $150 Permanent Lip Definition  — $300 Valid December 1 through Dec. 22. To receive these special offers please "Like" my Facebook page,, and … [Read more...]

Swelling Can Happen with Permanent Make-up

Swelling can happen if you have sensitive skin, or are taking medicines that irritate the skin including aspirin and antibiotics. With proper post procedure care the inflammation can go away in a couple of hours. The application of an antibiotic like Bacitracin is recommended for the next 3 days applying a light layer twice a day and before bed. Cold compresses work quickly to bring swelling down. This should be done right after procedure and to be repeated two hours later. … [Read more...]

LifeMed Institute ‘Health is Beauty’ Open House

Meet and greet our panel of experts .... Dr. A. Miller Alonso, Board Certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, will demonstrate the art of botox and its many applications, and give you a free consult on how to look naturally sensational. He is a creative genius as several of my clients can happily attest. Dr. Randolph Whipps of UMBC (University of Maryland Medical Center) will discuss the newest buzz words in the medical field... Concierge Medicine and how Hormonal Therapy tailored to our … [Read more...]

Do Your Homework Before Permanent Make-Up

Dissatisfaction with your permanent make-up can lead to frustration and costly corrections. Sometimes when the pigment is too deep, it can be more difficult to remove. As with any permanent make-up procedure, including corrective procedures, doing your homework is the key factor for your own satisfaction. In the past few days, I have spoken to two ladies who are unhappy with their eyebrows. Their desire to have the work done overshadowed the questions they needed to ask. One had received 3-D … [Read more...]

My Eyebrows Look Incredible!

A huge thank you to Michelle for this wonderful testimonial. Have I mentioned that I just love my job! “My eyebrows look incredible and I’m constantly getting compliments on them! Not only do they make my face look fantastic, but having this done has also shaved off at least 10 minutes of my morning make-up routine of plucking and drawing them on just right. I had been debating for about two years weather or not to get permanent eyebrows done and I’m so glad I finally did it! I have been so … [Read more...]

A Longer Eyebrow

A longer eyebrow works well when you have wide temples that you want to minimize. If your face is narrow it may not work because it would give the eyebrow too much power. Permanent eyebrows can serve you in several ways. One is obvious, you wake up and there they are...what a time saver. Two, when your own brows are out of balance, this artistic procedure creates the illusion of balance and symmetry. Three, it can correct some facial features such as wider than usual temples, a longer … [Read more...]

Permanent Make-up for Scar Camouflage

A client with chest acne scars were camouflaged by creating freckles of different shapes much like the others on her chest and top of arms. My client would point to the areas that bothered her, and I would create the freckle so it would blend in with the rest of the skin. SCARS FROM CUTTING, ACNE AND CANCER CAN BE camouflaged with permanent make-up techniques. THE RESULTS ARE A GREAT IMPROVEMENT, HELPING TO ERASE the physical reminders. … [Read more...]

Perfect for Traveling

I would like to thank all my clients who have provided testimonials.  It is such a win-win situation. What a fun and rewarding job I have! I'm always up to creating a new way to beautify your faces ladies (and gentlemen)! Two New York ladies met in Maryland at a Senior Independent Upscale Community in Baltimore County. Busy ladies who travel, by plane and yacht with their fun husbands.  They want to look good, but natural, wearing minimal make-up. Here's what they had to say today as I gave … [Read more...]

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